Monday, June 4, 2012

FS 28mm HoTT Medieval Army 1

I've decided to thin the ranks of my collection and will have three 28mm HoTT medieval armies up for sale this week. Nothing wrong with the armies--I just haven't been playing enough HoTT to warrant have ancient, dark ages and medieval HoTT armies (let alone three or four in each era!). Below is Army 1.

This army comprises 36 AP plus the camp pictured above. This includes four bases of blades (4x2AP). These are metal figures (maybe Reaper?). All figures are mounted on 60mm frontages although some bases are a bit deeper than recommended to accommodate the figures.

There are also six bases of shooters (6x2AP) which are Perry plastics (I think) to place in the woods or in front of the enemy's mounted troops.

There are three bases of knights or riders. These are GW Bretonnians on the left and centre and metals (no idea from where) on the right (3x2AP).

Finally there is a plastic Dragon (1x4AP), three basis of plastic lurkers (3x1Ap) and a metal cannon (1x3AP). All come from a smoke- and pet-free home and were painted by me.

Shipping is at cost and will be roughly $25 in Canada or to the US (exact amount depends on location). All bases will be individually bubble-wrapped and floated in shredded paper. I'd like $80 plus shipping. emails to


Hendrid said...

Nice looking units you've got there.

Is that the old Airfix Robin Hood fort I spy there?

Bob Barnetson said...

Hendrid: Yes, I kit bashed one I got in trade to make the camp. Good eye!

Bob Barnetson said...