Wednesday, September 8, 2010

15mm DBA Aitolians

I completed and posted out a new DBA army tonight. These were an Aitolian Hoplite army (II/5e) by Xyston.

Overall, nice figures marred only by the extra work that making spears and cutting open hands entails.

The army includes seven 2Ps elements, giving it a real rough going dimension.

There were quite a number of starkers in this army.

There are also four bases of 4Sp, including the general stand on the right.

There is also one base of 2LH giving a bit of mobility.

Up next: Some 28mm characters for my Roman and medieval DBA/HoTT armies are queued up. Plus some commissions once the figures arrive. Should be quite for the next five days and work picks up, though.

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