Wednesday, August 26, 2009

War Room Renovations

I dropped into the War Room Tuesday night to help out with the renovations. Things are definitely coming together and I'm hopeful the EWG will be back gaming there on the third Tuesday in September. The entry hall has been painted, roofed and will be floored (wood laminate) shortly. All of the clutter will be removed to make it welcoming and open. The lighting is much improved and the stairs have been fixed and refinished.

The main room still needs trim on the posts and the remainder of the flooring installed. Here is a shot from the stairs. A fair bit of debris in the way but you can see things are looking better--more visually uniform and generally cleaner.

And below is a shot from the back of the room. The lighting is much better and much of the echo has been removed with the new ceiling. Just need to finish the flooring at the far end by the cooler. Note that the desk/store area has been removed and extra gaming space created.

The painting area will be smaller and the tables have been resurfaced.

The gaming tables also got a shot of paint and new, adjustable legs so the won't rock. They will all be placed on area rugs to prevent scratching and aid in moving. The area rugs (along with the flooring) make it much more comfortable to stand on.

Good job Nick and Reme!

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