Monday, August 24, 2009

DBA reinforcements

Awhile back I painted a 15mm Ancient Spanish DBA army that Mark bought. Since then, it has a record of one and one. It is mostly auxilia which makes it interesting to play and fight against.

To get all of the options for all of the lists, Mark asked me to paint up two more bases of psiloi and a base of blades. These took about an hour to paint plus a few minutes to base and flock.

I believe these are Corvus Belli figures. The psiloi turned out alright.

I wasn't too sure about the Elmer Fudd hat flaps but they looks fine. I tried to mix up the colours to cover the pose duplication.

The blades also turned out just fine.

Mark did a bit of surgery on these guys (think they were Persians originally) and a bit of paint hides the conversion nicely.

Next up: Some rebased 6mm Ancient Germans. Lord, there are a lot of them! On the painting table are some 1/72 goblin light infantry.

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