Saturday, November 6, 2021

ST: Voyager crew update

I picked up some more ST:TNG monopoly tokens so I went back to fill in my ST:VGR crew. I now have all of the major characters except Nelix. My efforts to convert a figure to Nelix were not great so I gave up on that for now.

First, I went back to some figures I'd finished a few months back and re-carved Tom Paris' face (much better). I also added some more definition to Captain Janeway. These were originally Geordi LaForge and Deanna Troy figures.

From the new batch, I converted Picard into the Doctor by adding a medipad. For Seven of Nine, I converted a Tasha Yar figure. I spent a lot of time carefully cutting free her phaser hand from her thigh to reposition it. I must have cracked her neck doing so because, just as I finished painting, her head popped off. 

I caught it mid-air (which was amazing!) but somehow managed to drag my hand through white glue and red paint as I did so, covering her head and my shirt in red glue. I managed to wash everything up and, with some swearing, got her head back on. I see the Borg implants on her face got missed in the excitement. I will go back and add them in. 

I used a Wesley to make Harry Kim. He needs bigger hair so I will go sculpt that. I'm pretty happy with the Tuvok figure. I added phasers to both these figures.

I had a pair of figures left over. I painted one as the Vulcan Ensign Vorik (from Engineering) while the other might be Ensign Samantha Wildman (xenobiology). Both got phasers.

I found a small shuttlepod on fleabay (from the Star Trek Innerspace line) that seems to work, scale wise. It would look better painted but that would destroy the decals.

Up next: Some more ST:TOS figures. Then some 54mm AWI.


Simon Quinton said...

Lovely work Bob! Those shuttles are fab!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Simon! These Innerspace shuttles are fantastic.