Saturday, November 20, 2021

ST:TNG Klingons

A few ST:TNG figures this week. These are toys from the Star Trek Strikeforce line that I got as part of a job lot. There were a goodly number of Worf's in this lot plus a Galron!

I crazy glued the hip joints and arms so they wouldn't move. Then I did a bit of brush work and a wash. The lot also came with some Targs (Klingon dogs?). I did some highlights and then washed them. Meh.

I had to give these guys a bit of extra height by gluing them to a small washer before gluing that to the larger washer. But they match the other Klingons I have. from left to right below:

Victory Force Miniatures TOS (painted as Romulan)
Star Trek Monopoly
Star Trek Strikeforce
Space Vixens from Mars
Last Unicorn Away Team

The Strikeforce matches the Monopoly figures pretty well. It is a bit thin-boned compared to the rest. All told, it looks good enough for my purposes. Now onto the 54mm AWI (so much painting...).

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