Saturday, November 27, 2021

54mm AWI Loyalists

I've been grinding away on some reinforcements for my 54mm AWI Brits and I finally finished these 12 guys. Big figures take forever! There is both a lot to paint and any mistake shows very clearly.

These are plastic HaT Prussians. I have a box of these sprues that I'm slowly grinding through. They have three different hats you can choose among. There is a sprue of troops plus there is a command sprue (not shown).

I painted these are quasi-Loyalists (no particularly historical unit in mind) with green jacks and red cuffs and turn backs. I keep them simple (limited braiding and other fiddly stuff).

Overall, they are okay and offer some extra troop options. I hope to get a game of AWI going over the holidays, COVID willing.

Up next: Some 28mm Gotham coppers and maybe more Trek?

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