Saturday, January 18, 2020

Colonial and Cylon Fleets

No gaming this week because I frostbit my eyelid in the cold. But I did continue to paint.

Up first are two more tiny fleets from Shapeways: original series cylon and colonial fleets. Again, the washers I used for bases are one-inch across so the ships are in the 1/7000 to 1/10000 range.

I think the basestars are all identical. There look to be two types of battle stars (three smaller and two bigger). I'd have to go look online to sort out what (if any) difference this reflects.

I have a bunch of vipers and raiders to paint yet. But I did managed to get paint on the rag-tag fugitive fleet. But apparently that did not extend to painting their bases so those go back on the paint table for some touch ups.

Up next: Space stations, fighters and some club gaming, I hope!

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Broeders said...

Nice work. Hope the eyelid is ok