Painted 15mm WW2 for sale

I have some painted and recalled 15mm WW2 German vehicles for sale. Pick-up in west Edmonton or I will post at cost. Metal/resin vehicles are Battlefront models while plastic vehicles seem be Plastic Soldier Company models. Offers to .

Lot 9: Four plastic StuGs. $20 OBO.

Lot 14: Four plastic Tiger 1s with splinter camp, crew, and decals. $30 OBO

Lot 15: Two resin and one plastic STuGs. $15

Lot 16: Four late-war hanomags. $25

Lot 17: Four early-war hanomags. $20. Note front driver-side fenders on two have been sheared off by the rigours of combat.

Lot 18: Early- to mid-war soft skin lot (resin Battlefront I think). $50. Note two truck bases have chipped corners. I could add grass (green or yellow) to the bases if required.

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