Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Last weekend, I went to the Model Railroaders bi-annual swap-meet. This is usually a good chance to pick up some buildings for cheap to expand my Gotham collection. I also ran into Terry and Richard from the club and apparently just missed Bruce and Chen.

I grabbed 7 buildings for $30 this year (train buildings run $20-$80). I ended up with a few I don't want (came as a lot). The two nicest were these so I decided to rehab them first:

I'm always on the look out for unique public buildings as well as residential buildings (which are un-represented in railroad building kits). The first one I worked on was this school.

It was in good shape and had a basic paint job. I blacked out the window-glass, painted the metal work and gave it wash. Why railroaders don't bother painting their buildings as nicely as the trains and the rest of their layouts is a mystery to me. In retrospect, I should have painted (or drybrushed) the roof tiles. I may go back and do that.

It will do for a school, research institute or sanatorium.  It could also do for a manor house in a pinch (add some walls and gardens and a big drive way). Overall, super happy with this. A bit disappointed I did not see a stone church, courthouse or bank. Oh well, next swap-meet is March.

This residential building got the same treatment plus a minor structural repair. Again, should have drybrushed the roof tiles--will probably go back and do that.

This will do fine as an upscale apartment block in Gotham. I also picked up a few coffins from Michael's Hallowe'en line to finish out Zomtober.

These will do for a future horror game, scaling well with 28mm.

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