Saturday, October 13, 2018

Mixed bag of troops and terrain

No gaming this week, sadly. Staying in theme, I have a ghoulish collection of miscellaneous pieces painted up.

First up are four old West End Games 25mm stormtroopers that I somehow missed in my massive rebasing efforts a year or so ago.

I have picked up a few pieces from Red Claw from the WizKids pre-primed sets. This includes two doors and a bunch of treasure chests.

I also bought some oxen and then struggled to paint them. Not happy with result but tired of looking at them so I finished the bases.

The postman delivered some more ghoulish not-Lego figures. No idea where they are from or when I ordered them. I presume an impulse buy during a terrible faculty council meeting.

Up next: Probably some more 54mm troops.

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