Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Some 25mm Planet of the Apes

Santa gifted me with a small collection of 25mm apes in boilersuits from Eureka games. These will make good team in Pulp Alley. 

It was too cold to spray prime these guys black over the holidays so I painted on some white gesso I had and painted them using washes. The result is a touch list for my tastes but you get to see the details the sculptor put on quite well.

Terry's basement also kindly gifted me with two water tanks he picked up at a swap meet a long time ago in a Lion's Hall far away.

These are nice little terrain pieces that can sit on or beside buildings.


tim said...

These look great, Bob!

Eureka has some really weird, fun stuff... Did you just order these or did you pick up other stuff from Eureka while you were at it?

Bob Barnetson said...

I just ordered these. I looked at some of their other stuff but nothing struck me as "had to have right now".