Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 6 club night

Last week I had to travel to Calgary for work and dropped in at the Sentry Box on a Sunday afternoon. Very crowded with gamers. Managed not to buy anything!

We had 10 guys out for our second-last gaming night of the year. Bruce hosted Wiley, Terry, Chen, Justin and I in a game of Colt Express. Below you can see Justin looking all innocent ("oh, how do you play? oh really, gosh, and I can shoot Bruce over and over again? well shucks...").

Overall, a very fun game and we had three runs through it. Pre-planning of moves each turn followed by a playing of the cards. Winner has the most loot. There is a sheriff to move to screw stuff up. Punches were thrown. Terry got shot (a lot). Great light game--probably best with 4-6 players.

Dave and Jon played some Bolt Action Vietnam, I think. Great looking table.

Not sure anybody won the game (hey, historical outcome!).

Dave and Kevin played blood bowl: Bagshot Gutsplitters versus the Blue Ballers. This was on going as I left.

Up next: I managed to finished some 54mm AWI cavalry. Oh, man, I hate painting cavalry! Then maybe onto some more AWI troops. I'd also like to sort out Muskets and Tomahawks for a club game in January with some borrowed troops. Hopefully I will get to play a game of Aurelian against Bruce next week.


Terry Silverthorn said...

Yes the Colt Express was a nice light diversion game. I may have got shot a lot, but I think the last game saw Wiley bit 9 bullets!

Bob Barnetson said...

Justin shot the sheriff, but he claims it was in self-defence...