Sunday, April 12, 2015

Miscellaneous modelling projects

I've moved a bunch of small modelling projects to completion this past week. I bought two Batmobiles on ebay, hoping they were the size of the old Matchbox dinky cars. These are a bit bigger, but do fine with Heroclix figures I own. I love the 1950s bubble-car version on the right.

That said and while I am hardly a scale purist, they dwarf the HO-scale cars I bought. So I guess I will just keep one size of vehicle off the board while the other is on it. I know there is a Matchbox Batmobile (1960s variant) in a more compatible scale so I will watch for that.

The HO cars came as kits. But man they were lousy kits. Lots of flash in hard to reach places, the glass was already glued in place and the top doesn't fit the bottom well (note the gap at the back fender). I had expected more from a model train kit.

That said, the bus from the same company was pretty good. I have tried to paint it up so it could work as a Gotham transit bus (motto: We don't stop for freaks) or as an Arkham Asylum transport.

I'd like to put a decal on it but I'm not sure what would look good but still keep the bus multifunctional ("bus"?). Maybe just some numbers on the roof?

And I have been moving my Memoir '40 project forward. I finished two more of these French light tanks (an old Matchbox 1/76 kit).

Up next: I've got two more Char Bs underway along with an German AA gun. What I need to focus on, though, are some infantry. Gotham also needs some fences.


DeanM said...

Super cool Batmobiles!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks! Yeah, they are nice. Wish they were a tiny bit smaller.