Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Now back to regular programming

Apologies for the lack of updates last week. Work took me to Florida where I tacked a few days of vacation onto a conference. I ran across of couple of cool gaming-related things. Just down the river from my hotel in Tampa was a Liberty Ship. Note the lady taking water samples by the yellow tie downs for a sense of scale.

I also saw some cool terrain making at Universal Studios. Hogwarts is as impressive as the ride is vomit inducing. Weird that I have no issues with actual motion-based rides (coasters, flumes and what have you), but rides that mix IMAX with simulated motion make me so queasy. The day before I almost blew chunks in the kiddie-friendly Simpson's ride.

The coolest stop, though, was Legoland. Sure, the colours are cartoonish and the proportions make GW sculptors look like Michelangelo. But damn a five-foot Lego guard is cool!

The Lego displays were also amazing. This Pirate-era town includes moving ships. These are immense (not scaled to the current minifigs but much larger--maybe 1/40-scale?) and detailed.

As they come near the town, the fortress fires upon them (you can just see some of the "smoke" from a cannon).

There are also large Star Wars themed-exhibits. Here some Gungans die (hurray!).

While below Vader plots an ambush on Endor.

Back after a hellish flight, real gaming stuff is underway with a rare warm day meaning it is time to prime and base coat. Here das Auto Park awaits detailing.

Up next: I'll start on some 15mm WW2 tanks this week and then switch to some 1/72-scale Imperial Romans. Then back to some more 15mm WW2. And perhaps I'll get a game in!


Arquinsiel said...

Have you been to the Downtown Disney area where the Lego store is? The stuff outside that is just plain spectacular.

Bob Barnetson said...

No, missed downtown Disney (such a huge place) but the offerings at Legoland were also pretty amazing!