Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fast-Paint Day 3

Alright, in 8.5 hours of building and painting, I managed to complete this 15mm WW2 rush job. All are Battlefront models and will see action in this weekend's local FoW tourney.

There are 10 Chaffees, including the two command tanks above. They have some kit on the back deck and commanders in cupolas to distinguish them (more kit on the CO than the 2iC).

The first platoon of Chaffees have machine guns tipped slight down and larger stars on the turrets. I ran into some decal shortages so I slightly modified the ones on the box art.

The second platoon of Chaffees have slightly smaller stars and MGs set level. Below there are a pair of M-8s.

There are also four Jackson TDs for some extra punch.

And finally some recce with two M-20 armoured cars and a jeep.

In addition to the box set, I did up four paratroop howitzers plus a FOO and a couple of other bases. Pardon the still-wet glue.

One of the nice parts of the FoW boxed sets are the objective markers, which are resin tanks that are KO'ed. Here is the Chaffee.

And here is an Easy Eight Sherman. Nice little vignettes for this weekend's FoW tourney.

Up next: Some 1/72-scale Indians needs detailing and then there are 20-od15mm Germans vehicles to build and assembly.

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