Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1/72 ancient Indian foot

I finished the painting on a box of 1/72-scale HaT ancient Indian infantry this weekend. There are 48 figures in 8 poses, all of which are useful for gaming.

There are a fair number of bow-armed fellows, which is fine. I've painted these for Commands & Colors Ancients and the few scenarios with Indians have a lot of bow in them. These fellows will also fill out some Successor armies if I run short of figures.

Overall, these guys had lovely deep detail for 1/72-scale figures, meaning there was lots of recesses for a dip to adhere to. Pardon the soft focus in a couple of these shots--still working out the best distance with the new camera in my photo booth.

These guys finish (!!!) my Indian army and next up in 1/72-scale will likely be some more Imperial Romans by Strelets. They require a fair bit of building (spears and ring hands---arrgh) so will be a slower start.

Up next: I need to start building some 15mm WW2 German vehicles I have promised by the beginning of December. Panthers, Panzer 4s, a V-1 (!) and such. And I have a game scheduled with Bruce on Sunday afternoon.

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