Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fast Paint Day 2

Alright, at the end of day two of the fast-paint challenge, I have all of the tanks and figures built, primed, painted, washed and (where necessary) based (whew!). Here are some samples.

This is an objective marker (disabled Chaffee). It has an integral base. There is second objective with a disabled Easy 8 Sherman. I have sanded the base and need to seal, drybrush, and flock it. Like all of the tanks, this one looks a bit plain without the decals.

Decals are the last task on most of the tanks, like this Chaffee and Jackson. Below are an M-20 armoured car and an M-8 gun carriage (I think). I always loved these conversions of Stuarts when I was a kid: totally unavailable in kit form then so always something is coveted.

So far, this totals about 6 hours of work. I'd expect there is another 2 or more hours to go.

Up next: The club tonight and a couple of days of decaling and basing. After that I have some 1/72-scale Indians to finish the detailing and basing on and then back to some more 15mm WW2 (Germans, this time).

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