Monday, April 1, 2013

FS painted 1/432-scale Battle of Britain models

My buddy Bruce is thinning his collection slightly and has asked me to sell some of his WW2 Battle of Britain planes. There are 93 painted planes (plus a few unpainted) and these are 1/432-scale models, based upon the pocket recognition models of the day. I don't recall why the odd-ball scale except that it had to do with the size of the actual plane at 1000 yards or something like that.

These planes are all metal and each has a ball-head pin glued to the underside. When combined with an alligator clip on a flight stand, this allows you to model the plane turning, diving and climbing (and crashing, as I often found out). The pins could also be snipped off flush with the plane without any damage if you fancy a different basing system.

First up are the British (left to right), with 11x Hurricanes (Mk1), 10x Halifax bombers and 6 x Spitfire Mk V. All are hand painted and decaled. I believe Bruce got these from John Stanoch when he first launched his "Squadrons" series of games (which I see was revived in 2010).

The Germans include (left to right above) 4x Heinkel He111 bombers, 12 x Dornier Do17 bombers and 8x Junkers Ju88 bombers. And they are joined by (left to right below) 12 x Focke-Wulf FW190s, 8x Messerschmidt Me110s, 8x Messerschmidt Me109s, 10x Junker Ju87s (Stukas) and 4x Focke-Wulf FW189s.

This set allows you to have "instance Battle of Britain". Bruce would like $100 for the lot and the postage in Canada or the US will be $15. I'll individually wrap each plane in bubblewrap for the shipping. Offers to

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