Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CCN Russian Expansion

Bruce trotted out the new Russian expansion to Commands and Colors Napoleonics last night and we played the first battle in the scenario book (French attack in 1806). A couple of interesting Russian rules (rolling to see which units are at paper strength; ignoring retreat rolls) to keep in mind.

In the first game, Bruce launched offensives on each flank. On the Russian (foreground) right, I got some really lucky dice and shot him to pieces. On the Russian left, Bruce captured the town but it was something of a meat-grinder for him. Eventually, more lucky shooting in the middle did him in.

Game two was largely a repeat, although it was much closer for the French. Again, lucky shooting helped the Russians out. I also managed to get my cavalry out and behind his lines to clean up some units. I quite like the Cossack units (weak but the loss doesn't count against). Bruce made more of an effort to snag objectives (or was more successful) in this game. An interesting scenario wrinkle is that every set of entrenchments no occupied by the Russians gives a temporary victory point to the French.

Overall, a good game. The weird thing about CCN is that when you start to deconstruct it, it makes no sense. But as a whole is makes for a great game with convincing results.

Up next: Some more 1/72 imperial Romans.


Monty said...

Never played this Bob, but I must admit, it looks interesting ;)

Bob Barnetson said...

Yeah, it is a fun system. First Napoleonics game that doesn't make me want to give up in frustration. Very accessible, gives much of the flavour without all of the button counting.