Wednesday, April 17, 2013

EWG April 16: WW2 planes

We had 12 guys out to the club this week, including newcomer Wesley and there were five games running! I played in Bruce's Warbirds game (basically WW2 Canvas Eagles) with Andy and Terry. I think we got four (or maybe five?) games in in about two and a half hours.

The first couple of games saw a crippled B-17 getting jumped. The first game the B-17 had an escort and the second game it did not. Warbirds is surprisingly easy to pick up but has some subtleties that take a game or two or cotton onto ("I'm going waaaaaay to fasssst..."). I think the bomber had split outcomes, with game one including a pilot killed, a mid-air collision (sorry Terry, my bad) and a plane exploded. We got better though.

We then did some dogfights. Man, the P-51 is a helluva plane. The first game was a decisive allied win with Andy landing with a dead engine and Terry piling into the ground in a spin. Game two didn't go so well for the allies with leaking fuel lines and fire... .

There was some Warmachine, some Vietnam and some insurgency being played. And Dennis and Dave played some more LaSalle. I caption this photo "God wills it, Dennis!" as Dave basks in the Sun and Dennis fishes around for less cursed dice.

Up next: Some 1/72 Romans horse are drying and some auxiliaria are underway. I also have some terrain to do this weekend.

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