Saturday, May 5, 2012

MayDay 2012

The Edmonton Wargame Group held its seventh or eighth annual MayDay gaming convention today. There were over 40 gamers in attendance.

A big part of the draw was a Warhammer 40K doubles tournament. there was also a large silent auction.

I ran two games today. The first was a game of Epic Battlelore with the reluctant allies rules in play. This pitted the forces of Arthur against Mordred in a guess at Mount Badon. 

Despite heroic last-minute efforts by the Arthurian players, the forces of evil managed to take the day (dramatically) in the last turn. 

The second game I ran was a Star Wars adaptation of Memoir '44. We played this twice in two hours and I think it went well enough.

I snapped a couple of pictures of other games. This is Bruce's ACW game using 15mm figures and Fire and Fury rules.

Scott hosted a game of War Rocket, which included a killer asteroid.

And Jonathan hosted a WW1 game using a Two Fat Lardies' rule set (Through the Mud and Blood, maybe?).

Apologies to those whose games I didn't get good pictures of. Another successful convention, thanks to the hard work of Jonathan, Mark and Terry. Now to sort through the junk I won in the auction.

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tim said...

Wow! That Star Wars game looks really great.

The starship stuff looks pretty snazzy too!

Thanks for sharing!