Friday, May 11, 2012

More 28mm renaissance

With nice weather, it has been hard to sit down to paint these past few weeks. But I'm getting a second wind and today managed to finish up some 28mm renaissance figures for my growing (and soon to be for sale) HoTT armies.

These are GW empire figures (with a bit of other stuff mixed in) so they are a tad on the beefy side. After doing a more uniform group, I decided to be a bit more random with these guys, trying for a mercenary or levy look.

The four bases are all blades (or maybe spears, depending on what you want to play them as) and are mounted on 60mm frontages. I think there may be a swordsman hidden in there somewhere.

It was nice to clear these fellows off the painting table. I still have another 30 or so spearmen to go before that box is empty. But they can wait a few weeks until a rainy day gives me a chance to assemble them.

Up next: I have 112 10mm AWI Americans on the table, with the flesh and white done. These are a commission and I started with the more formed New York troops (so blue jackets and red trim). I'm hopeful I will get these fellows finished by next week (work will be hectic this week). Then onto some 10mm Pennsylvania troops. I may also do a few LotR figures in between that I picked up at the MayDay auction last weekend.

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