Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lord of the Rings HoTT Army

I picked up a box of Games Workshop 28mm Lord of the Rings figures at the MayDay auction a couple of weeks back. I was surprised to win these and wasn't sure what I would do with them. After some mulling, I think there's enough fellows here for a good "HoTT" army. The small number of "evil" troops will do for a warband in Songs of Arthur and Merlin.

After knocking of some 10mm AWI, I pushed a couple of bases for the HoTT army out. Above is Aragorn (hero, perhaps a hero general) accompanied by Master Samwise (who looks seriously browned off--weird combination of the sculpt, the paint and the wash--maybe someone nicked his cookware?).

I also did two bases of dwarves (well five dwarves and an armoured hobbit as a Gimli figure went AWOL in the garden during priming). These would be blades or, perhaps, warband.

Up next: I have (oh happy day) a game with Bruce Tuesday night (FIW Maurice). THis is my first chance to roll dice since MayDay and I'm excited. I also have 112 10mm AWI guys on paint sticks, primed with the flesh done. Maryland troops, I think. Then maybe a few more LotR HoTT bases.


Remco said...

Excelent paintjob, nice figures!

Greetings Remco

Monty said...

Great start! I've never played HoTT but I love the ability to field anything in a small and fun footprint. And looking forward to Maurice.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks guys. I'm reasonably happy turning an auction find into something useful. That is one of the best aspects of HoTT (and I can remember the rules to HoTT!). Yes, I too am looking forward to some Maurice tomorrow night!