Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10mm AWI Reinforcements

Last year I painted up a goodly number of 10mm AWI for a commission. Some reinforcements arrived awhile back and I'm starting to work my way through the bags.

First up are some New York troops for the rebels. You can see them above doing von Stubben's classic Fotoppen maneuver. Four units, seven bases each, four figures per base for 112 bodies.

These were described to me as more regular troops so I mostly did them in white pants and blue jackets with red cuffs. There were a couple that got odd-coloured trousers or gaiters or hats to make them look a bit rough and ready. Nothing as nerve-wracking an seeing your painting viewed at 250% real size.

I get into a bit of a zone when I paint and I caught myself painting a "sniper scope" on a musket (a piece of flash, it turned out) but only after I'd gone on to do several more muskets and noticed that it was only on that one figure. I doubt it would have helped him given the lack of rifling anyhow.

Up next: I have some 28mm dwarves under way for a LotR HoTT army. I will also mount up another bunch of 10mm AWI guys to primer and paint. These fellows will be a bit more eclectic in their dress.


Dave said...

Need more dwarves? I have 4 sprues of very nice Mantic warriors (~20 bodies) in armour with hand weapons that could be available for a swap.

Bob Barnetson said...

Let me look at what I have extra--perhaps some mounted dark ages guys. Do the Mantic mix well (visually, not socially) with LotR dwarves?

Dave said...

I don't know, might be a bit beefy. I will bring them next EWG and you can have a look. Any ancient, dark age or medieval 25-28s are welcome!

Dave said...

Maybe, they might be a bit hefty. I'll bring them by or to the next EWG. Any 28mm ancients to medievals are welcome!