Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 3 EWG Games Night

It was club night last night and, despite a weekend full of gaming at MayDay and a late-spring snow (the grass beneath is green and the garden plants are up four inches), there was a hearty turn out.

Elliot and Kevin played Warmachine.

I don't understand it but it is very pretty.

Chen and Justin played some Ambush Alley, with Chen's human partisans popping up (ironically?) out of holes in the ground only to get wasted by the bugs.

Dave put on a game of Disposable Heroes for a lot of guys (four at one point) with the Italians rushing across North Africa to get away from the British.

Or trying to. I believe this scenario ran three times?

Craig kindly indulged me in a game of War of 1812. A weird game, with the British winning on turn 1 (freakish dice). We continued to play and there was a complete reversal on turn 2. Followed by a clear British win on turn 3. Weird.

Up next: Some 28mm Romans are being based and some 15mm Rus are being painted. I am also cleaning out the closet with a bunch of PT boats going to Justin yesterday, a bunch of PT boat books on TMP and some leftover 28s being sent to Saskatoon. Feels good to get stuff moved on!

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