Tuesday, April 13, 2010

15mm Carthaginian DBA army

Despite the demands of the outdoors and the inlaws, I managed to do some painting this week. I finished up a 15mm all-option, Later Carthaginian DBA army comprising Old Glory figures.

Up first was two stands of 3Cv, including the general element on the left.

There were also two stands of 2LH.

The army also has 3 Wb (Celts, in this case).

At the centre of the army is three 4Sp.

I tried to do something unique with each shield design.

There are also a 3/4Ax option for rough terrain (Spanish troops, I think).

There are 4 2Ps with animal-print shields.

And finally two El stands with crew.

Overall, a diverse army to paint and a challenge to field.

Up next: I am working on the matching Polybian Roman army and should have those done by the weekend. Then on to painting the resin villages I bought last week and then I need to prep my MayDay game. I'm also off to Bruce's on Saturday to try out his new Napoleon game from Columbia.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice Work I do like what you've done here

Kevin Barrett said...

Love the shields!


tim said...

Yeah, nice job on the shields, Bob!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. I picked up the black lining technique from Tim. Now if only I was more creative with designs!

StevenEwing2 said...

Stunning I love 15mm models and I dont own a single one bizzare I know.

Was thinking of picking up DBA a while ago is it a good system?

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes, a very simple system. Easier to learn from someone and then read the rules than it is to try and read the rules and then play. If you are keen on getting into it, I'll be putting this army and a matching Roman one (drying at the moment) up for sale for $120 (including shipping in the US and Canada).