Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 3 Games Night

We had nine guys out at the club on Tuesday with two games running. Dave hosted a WW2 game using The Rules of Engagement. British Paras (entering by Dave's crotch--some sort of suicide mission?) versus some Germans in Normandy.
Based on the shiny new uniforms and their order to run, these appear to be Volksgrenadiers. Andy, Chen, Bruce and Kevin played.
Clearly a good time was had by all. But there were some unfavourable comparisons with perennial favourite Disposable Heroes.
Scott hosted Chris, me and newcomer Barry (seen here in a blur of activity) in a game of Command and Colors Ancients.
We played the Po River scenario twice, with Rome winning each time. It is tough to be a Carthaginian some times--gaming cubes were nearly thrown!
Overall, a good time with elephants versus a horrific amount of formed up Romans.
Next games night is November 17. Dave is running a WW2 game (Crete) using Blitzkrieg Commander and I will run a LotR adaptation of Basic Impetus. Maybe room for another game?

Up next: 15mm Goblins. Thereafter, maybe some more 15mm Romans.

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Kevin Barrett said...

I'm in for your Impetus game, Bob.