Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1/72 Gondor Reinforcements

With a double-sized game of Lord of the Rings Basic Impetus looming in six days, I'm pushing hard to get a few more "good" troops done. These comprise some 200 plastic medieval fellows Dave passed on to me last weekend.

So far I have based up all of the painted ones. Then I repainted two bases worth of cavalry. These are a bit more plate-mailed than I would like but I didn't have enough time to acquire Strelets Normans. Anyhow, these will do; the repaint of them was pretty quick and dirty!

I also painted 30-odd archers.

I painted them in matching colours to the foot Dave gave me.

The different style of cloaks makes them look more like reservists (which is what I figure archers would likely be). Overall, a nice effect.

Up next: On sticks right now are a bunch of heavier foot (mostly Revel Normans). I have almost finished the paint job (belts and a wash are left) so I hope to crank these out this weekend. I also have a small 15mm dwarf army n sticks and primered. They are next, followed by some Ancient Brits for Chris.


Mad Carew said...

I have to admit a very fond affection for the Airfix Robin Hood figures. They were my first 1/72nd soldiers - great to see them in the service of Gondor - perhaps they're the men of Pinnath Gelin?

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes, I quite liked the set--nice dark ages feel to them. Can you find Robin Hood himself in the picture?

Mad Carew said...

Top left!!