Saturday, November 14, 2009

15mm Painting

Despite circumcising my left index finger while prying these guys off the paint stick, I managed to finish up 24 Rus figures and get them based. These are old AD&D Battlesystem figures.

I did each of the shields by hand, inspire by some (much better) shields Joe did in Calgary.

Overall, I think they turned out okay (for me) and it was fun to try to paint such detail.

It is a shame these figures are OOP and the molds destroyed. They are based for DBA.

I also rebased a Warmaster giant Dave gave me as a behemoth for a goblin army.

This is a hilarious sculpt. Note the corpses attached to the troll's belt for a later snack.

And the guy cowering at his feet.

Next up: I have two 15mm armies primered (Corvus Belli Brits and Museum Miniature Romans) but I may divert into rebasing some of the 1/72 medieval Dave gave me to fill out the ranks of Good for an uber LotR game in early December. And then on to some 15mm Elves for a trade I'm working on.

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