Saturday, November 21, 2009

15mm Elves

Despite a busy week, I managed to knock off 10 bases of 15mm elves that are a part of a large trade I'm working out. These are a mixture of Chariot Miniatures (which were very nice) and some old AD&D Battlesystems figures. There are six bases of these Chariot figures.

And from the back.

Then there are two bases of these AD&D figures. I suppose these could be used to represent a more elite form of elf. Or maybe a different troop type (blades instead of spears?).

There is one base of this which I would use as a general stand (AD&D miniatures).

And from the back:

I also did up a base as a magician, using a few spare figures that kicked up.

So far a pretty a pretty good start on an even army (I think pretty close 24 AP in HoTT terms).

Up next: I have a Ring Wraith nearly done for my 1/72 LotR figures. And I will mount up some more Gondor horse this weekend. And I have started painting the Gondor bow.


Auston Jeff Butler said...

Very well done! I'm looking foward to fielding this army!

Mad Carew said...

Nice work. Your pics have encouraged me to paint more fantasy figures Bob - looking forward to seeing the Ringwraith

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks guys. These were nice to paint up. But back to 1/72 shortly for a big LotR game on December 1.