Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've been trying different techniques to make water features for awhile now. With some thoughts of a DBA tourney in my mind, I thought it best if I get down to business.
I created six 12-inches sections of water using vinyl floor tile, tin foil and sand. Here is how it looks on a DBA mat. Sorry about the glare--it is less shiny in person.
The basic technique is cut the floor tile to the size (30cm by 6cm in this case). Then get a piece of tin foil, crumple it, and then smooth it out. Peel the back on the floor tile off and stick the tinfoil down. Trim the excess off.
I then did a couple of washes (green, brown), each being left to dry. I then glued some sand on the edges. When that was dry, I gave everything a coat of Future with some black paint mixed in (which gives the water lots of depth and sheen).
I then drybrushed the sand, glued on static grass and foliage. So far, this looks to be pretty robust terrain. Next up will be some curves and windy pieces. And maybe a small lake or pond.

Up next: Some 1/72 elves and 6mm Germans will get based. Also have some 15mm Romano Brits on the painting table at present.

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