Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Games Night: September 15

We had our first night of gaming in the renovated venue tonight and 11 guys turned out, including newcomers Gerry, Stuart and Randy. This was a good first outing for the fall. Thanks to Dave and Kevin for taking over responsibility for opening and locking up.
Dave C ran a great game of 1/72-scale Basic Impetus, pitting French and English in the battle of Crecy. Mark, Bruce, Chen, Dave P and I played out the action twice.
In game 1, the English bravely came down off the hill to face the French knights in the open. Despite employing fearsome rules lawyers, this didn't work out too well with the French mowing them down. In game two, the English kept the hill and, despite their centre completely disintegrating, managed to pull of a draw by throwing in their reserves right at the end.
Despite Dave P's reservations about the system, he and Chen managed to win once and draw once.

Scott hosted an game of CCA. The battle of Pydna pits Macedonians against Romans in 168 BC. Historically, the Romans crushed the Macedonians, thereby vindicating the legion over the phalanx.
Scott, Chris, Stuart, Randy and Gerry played using my 6mm figures.
Things got off to a contemplative start as rules were learned and careful feinting on the far side of the board began.
Eventually, Stuart and Randy got the Roman elephants in gear and beat the Macedonians 8-5. Taking our lead from the Macedonians, we then retired for pie and coffee.
Next gaming night is Tuesday, October 6th. Up next on my blog is a completed 15mm Marian Roman army for DBA. These are some nice figures and painted up quickly! On the painting table are some 1/72 goblin and orc archers and some 1/72 elven heavy infantry. Also of note is Tim Brown's autumn campaign has moved through autumn of year 1 with the dwarves made vassals of the orcs and their army marching into Valhalla.

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