Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1/72 Elven Archers and DHBx

With a business trip about to mess up the remainder of my week, I've been keen to finish up a few things on the work bench. This includes four bases of 1/72-scale Elven archers.
Overall, I'm fairly happy with the result. I tried to paint these in a bit more stylized manner than the Rohan horse I just did to see if that conveyed an etherial look to them. Not sure if that was successful, but it was quick! This was enhanced by my decision that the elves would have a uniform style to then--rather than trying to mix up clothing colours like I did with the Rohan.I popped over to Bruce's last night for a game of DBHx. Bruce hauled out some Zulus and some Brits and we had two good games. I was the British in game 1 and, seeing the Zulu deployment (a giant line of some 18 bases), I deployed in column on the extreme right of the 3x2 board. My plan was to drive up the road, break one of the two Zulu commands and then turn 90 degrees to take on the remainder of the horde when it finally got to me.
That mostly worked out, although pips became an issue and the result was a bit more near-run than it needed to be. Should have deployed differently, with the trailing elements in a line that could have been swung into place for a single pip.
Game 2 I was the Zulus. This one lasted nearly 90 minutes, as I carefully pushed forward my horde of warbands using cover to nullify Bruce's shooting. I managed to get the right pincer in place but it just took forever to get the second one in place (should have put it in column and used the road better). By this time, Bruce had managed to defeat one side and redeploy to break the other.

All told, a fun night. Nice to see that there are tactics to be considered even in a mob army. Next time, it will be a different story!

Up next: Well, some 15mm Romans are getting close to done. So likely them. I will also have a look some 1/72 Elfish swordsmen. Maybe these guys will have slightly bolder colours on them.


Black Knight said...

Hi nice painting and minis,what brand are they good sir?

Bob Barnetson said...

These are Caesar miniatures.