Wednesday, September 23, 2009

15mm Medieval Gaming

I trundled out to Bruce's last night for a quick game. Bruce hauled out his 15mm medieval figures and his rules Flower of Chivalry.
I really like these rules because combat is fairly straight forward and you must focus on maintaining the right "heat" level in your troops. Plus you have to roll to determine if the troops follow orders (which affects their heat level).
We played a small, pick-up game. Bruce had terrible dice and action card draws all night.
Eventually the two lines met and I manage to win the game on my left before losing it on my right. A good time for all.
Up next: I have six 12" sections of river on the bench right now. They are drying and need flocking and some shrubs. They are designed for DBA but would work for other games. They need to have some curves and windy sections added but first we'll see if the basic process works.
Also some 15mm Romano-Brits have the flesh done. These might get displaced during a rush to rebase the remainder of the 6mm Germans (who have been stripped from their bases and await redeployment).

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