Saturday, October 23, 2021

DS9 Crew update

So, a few weeks back, I painted up most of the crew of DS9, using paint to convert some ST:TNG Monopoly tokens. The two biggest omissions were Garak and Quark. I managed to find reasonable figures from Space Vixens from Mars.

Garak looks the part; Quark looks more like Brunt than Quark but whatever. "This imaginary figure is NOT HISTORICALLY ACCURATE!" Yeah, anyhow, they painted up okay. I tried to mimic Quark's 1990s southwestern sofa fabric coat. Meh. 

The biggest issue is Quark is enormous. Now, these monopoly tokens are thin and small. But Quark is still pretty over-sized even for 28mm.

Here he is with two proper 28mm figures: a Lost Unicorn Worf and a Space Vixens' Klingon.

I bought a second Quark, thinking I could lop off the head and attach it to another body to make a Rom. But no joy there. And I think recent experience demonstrates I don't have the lobes to sculpt a head freehand. So I am carving down the second quark to make a Nelix.

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