Saturday, October 9, 2021


I painted up some Ghostbusters from Crooked Dice Miniatures in the spirit of the month (a little pun there, for Terry). 

These are characters from the 2016 reboot; they also have figures from the 1984(?) original movie.

These are pretty nice figures and I only see a couple of painting goofs in the close-ups.

I used movie stills to try and replicate the costumes.

I've no idea who this figure (below) is supposed to represent (don't recall the 2016 movie enough to know).

These figures are much better than the Ghostbusters I have from a game (as one would expect).

They do, however, fit in pretty well with the ghosts and ghouls from the board game.

Up next: Maybe some random Trek. Maybe some 54mm AWI? Hard to say at this point.

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