Saturday, November 30, 2019

Zeds, Naps and gangsters

A bit of a job lot of figures today. First up are the last of the zombies for awhile, I hope. There were some of the larger guys. Judging by the neck lanyards, I would say civil servants who just got layoff notices?

There were also three regular toxic zeds plus an old heroclix guy who has been lingering on my paint table for awhile.

I also finished of the gangsters from pulp alley. Some very well armed fellows!

Bruce had me over last week to try out some changes to his yet-unnamed Napoleonic game. I got crushed but, in losing so badly, we discovered a few issues to clean up.

Up next: we have the club this week with lunar wars and some WW2 crossfire on offer. I hope to move some more figures, including a building to completion.

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