Saturday, November 23, 2019

War at Sea!

We had five guys out at the club this week (bad roads) but Red Claw was packed with painters and gamers. Bruce hosted Chen and Mike in a game of Congo Gulch. At one point Chen was being berated for killing the objective (!) but the game continued.

I played War at Sea with newcomer Derek. Derek trucked a ridiculous number of ships out for us to choose among and gently walked me through a Pacific game.

My allied fleet was up against a nasty bunch of Japanese gunboats. Fortunately, I managed to get lucky with some early airstrikes.

Airstrikes continued to work for me.

And I was up fairly far in points by mid-game.

Unfortunately, I got cocky and ate some torpedoes. And then Derek threw a mitt full of sixes and the HMS Hood exploded and I was down to destroyers and torpedo bombers.

Fortunately, between kills and objective captures, I got enough points to win before the Japanese gunnery ravaged my tin cans.

Overall, this was a hoot to play and Derek was very gracious answering my questions. It is not a simulation but was good fun an d was easy to learn. Since the ships are no longer available, I wonder if the rules could be modified to Star Trek?

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