Saturday, November 16, 2019

More Lunar Wars

Bruce took us back to the moon with four game of Artifact this week using his Airfix figures. He was porting over some scenarios from Marine 2002 so we were doing some play balance testing.

First was a Soviet ground convoy being attacked by US moon skimmers. We played twice, once with four skimmers and once with three before deciding that two skimmers is likely the right number to give the Soviets some chance to getting off board.

We then played a game with some aliens (GW figures). The alien's powers include jumping, a radiation attack, and good melee capability.

The aliens got slaughtered, in part because they may have been over pointed slightly (so outmatched). But also because my dice sucked harder than the vacuum of space.

Finally, we ran a convoy breakout versus a ground force. Here the curvature of the moon (four hex LOS) came into play. Bruce just straight up out played me, catching me one turn behind in my decision making the whole game ("I should probably dismoun... BOOM! ...//sound of no one hearing me scream//."). Clear win for the commies.

Overall, a lot of fun and a very nice execution of miniaturizing a board game. Lots of difficult tactical decisions in a very balanced game system.

Up next: Some gangsters, maybe a game at the club and then a slew of gangsters and more Zeds. Kind of burning out on zombies so will likely kick the survivors from the Toxic Mall box to next year's Zomtober.


Duc de Gobin said...

This is fantastic stuff again.
I am completely inspired, and recently both pulled out the old metagaming 'Artifact' and have even been looking for some Airfix astronauts.
Very well done for the setup and pics on this.

Bob Barnetson said...

Glad you liked it. Bruce has done a very nice job of miniaturizing it. The level of detail is just about perfect.

Pete. said...

Wonderful looking game.



Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Pete. Bruce set a very nice table.