Saturday, November 9, 2019

Imperial Settlers at the Club

We had six guys out at the club this week but Red Claw was PACKED, with 22 gamers and painters. Maybe the busiest I've ever seen it on a Tuesday? I was glad Terry was there early to get a table.

Chen and Brandon played Kings of War, while Terry hosted Richard, Scott, and me in a game of Imperial Settlers. This seemed to be Scott's first time with the game and he had a lot of questions. And, of course, he was HUGELY in the lead by turn 3. Like, clearly going to win.

To everyone's dismay, I managed to sneak out a win through a combination of aggression and crafty card play on the last turn (i.e., I was a dink). Overall, a very fun game and thanks to Terry for hosting and umpiring. I think we even played the rules correctly this time!

Painting has been a bit slow, but I pushed another 10 Zeds off the table this week. Nothing fancy about them. I'm just trying to finish the Toxic Mall boxset before Christmas. I'm also working my way through the figures in Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu.

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