Saturday, December 29, 2018

Three 54mm cannons

I found myself short a few cannons before Xmas. I didn't want to pick up two more boxes of Armies in Plastic cannons so, instead, I bought three metal pencil sharpener off eBay.

These scale pretty well with 1/32 minis (I think the cannon on the left below is AiP).

You can often find unusual but helpful gaming stuff in the pencil sharpener section of eBay (e.g., most of my 28mm wild west wagons were pencil sharpeners).

Above you can see the sharpener that is built into the base. The only change required is gluing a bit of card in place below the barrel to cover the opening. These sharpeners also shoot matchsticks (or did--I doubt they operate now!).

Once set among figures, they look the part. I paid about $20 for three, which was a deal.

Up next: I have two groups of 54mm British AWI guards underway plus some 28mm furniture and some HO-scale garbage dumpsters.


DeanM said...

Very cool! I would've never thought about pencil sharpeners! I must take a look more closely.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. Yeah, pencil sharpeners are hit and miss but often the hits are worth the time spent searching.