Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Factory and out building

I'm continuing to work through the HO-scale buildings I picked up at the model railway swap meet.

This is (I think) a colliery and possibly in N-scale (doors are small for HO but it is hard to tell). It came as part of a job lot so cost about $2. It is missing a couple of pieces (smoke stack and part of roof).

I popped the buildings off the base and then set to painting them using the usual dry brush, wash and seal approach,

I fixed a missing part with a bit of plastic card that looks like corrugated metal and am reasonably happy. It will be a useful out building.

The main building got the same treatment. I still have not sourced a smoke stack (I will look for some one-inch pipe at the DIY store). I might also cover it with plastic card. It could also be a winery.

Some of the details came up very nicely once I applied from paint. Shame it was so poorly treated by a past owner.

Up next: More buildings and some 54mm AWI highlanders.


Terry Silverthorn said...

Hmm I may have a solution to your plight Bob. I have some building molds for HO scale...I could be persuaded to get them to you for a good price! Cha-ching! You will just need some dental plaster to make as many as you want. We can talk.

Bob Barnetson said...

Not sure how this solves MY problem... :).

Terry Silverthorn said...

Oh that's easy, make as many chimney's as you want!