Saturday, November 24, 2018

54mm British Highlanders

No gaming for me this week due to some dental woes. This did, however give me enough time to finish of a long-delayed second unit of 54mm British Highlanders for Tricorne.

These are from All The King's Men (sadly out of business) and they sat half painted because of the level of detail required. I learned a bit from the first unit I did and I stopped trying to add a third colour to the argyle socks (doesn't show up anyhow). Happy the bagpipes turned out okay--don't think I have ever painted bagpipes before.

I'm happy with the results and happy they are done. I see I am also short a couple of units of British Guards from the original orbat. I think I have some extra Prussians that could be converted with paint But first I have two units of French cavalry to finish up and the rest of the buildings from the model railway swap meet. Maybe the guards will be a holiday project.


DeanM said...

Lovely Highlanders! Love the tartan work, and stockings and bonnets as well.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Dean! These were both fun and tedious to compete. Watching the last two seasons of Turn was very motivating to finish these guys up. Now on to from French dragoons (horses are less picky painting but are enormous in 54mm!).