Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pandemic and Pulp Alley

No gaming for me this week but I have begun a large rebasing project (all of my 25mm Star Wars figures) that I hope to have done next week. 

I also spent some time pointing out superheroes for Pulp Alley. I then did up some gaming cards using pictures of my minis. Not a swanky as some of the beautiful stuff I have seen on the internet but functional enough.

My thought in pointing up these leagues was to do something asymmetrical (small group of skilled heroes versus larger group of lesser skilled baddies). I'm not sure of the scenario but I am thinking something along the lines of a heist (baddies must get X plot points in 6 turns) as the gang starts to build its reputation.  

Assuming this works out, then a four-player game with some kind of break out another few villains objective and Gotham's finest would be next.

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Anonymous said...

You may want to look up the rules for Gangs, Bob. I would think it's a great structure for hordes of evil minions. It will also let Batman fight many-at-once - Biff, POW, BANG !