Saturday, March 26, 2016

1/76-scale Chaffee

As a bit of a diversion, I have been building a few 1/76-scale models that Terry has cleaned out of his basement. This was an old Matchbox Chaffee; I don't think I have ever built one of these.

Went together well (Matchbox made nice kits including the best vinyl tread design) but the decals cracked so I subbed in some extras I had. I also used the sandbags from the diorama to add some interest to the front end. Not sure why there is glare as I dull coated it.

Up next: No club on Tuesday so maybe a game with Bruce? And I'll be getting back to do some 15mm fantasy in a bit.


Caliban said...

Lovely work on that Chaffee - a fondly remembered kit for me too...

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. Matchbox were the first kits I made (LRDP, Panzer 3s) and I love the experience. I have a US quad 50 cal AA halftrack underway.