Thursday, March 31, 2016

More Soldiers of God

Bruce ut on a second game of Soldiers of God, basically reversing the forces so the Christians attacked.

The left was a ranged combat event with horse archers facing off against bow and crossbow. This was stagnant for a long time and then went super badly for me late in the game... .

I attacked over on the right, losing an infantry unit but playing some event cards to my advantage.

In the middle, I moved forward with the good troops screened by a meat-shield of peasants. At this point, I was away ahead on army morale and hoped to turn the flank on the right and bag the town.

Then Bruce's annoying attacks on my left caused a bunch of units to fold up and suddenly it was a tie game with one turn left! What?! In the end, Bruce managed to sack one of my generals and I couldn't seal the deal on right fast enough. A good, close game, though.

Up next: A bunch of Battlelore goblins are finally dry!

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