Saturday, March 5, 2016

More Battlelore mounted knights

Okay, so things have been crazy at work these past few weeks and I kind of fell off of the pace gaming-wise. I'm starting back at it with the last of the mounted knights.

I picked up a few new paints (the yellow and the darker blue) and that has added some pop to these figures. The yellow is a lovely saffron colour.

I have about another 15 or 18 of the lighter mounted troops to do then the last of the medium foot and then the humans are done. I will be priming the last of the dwarves and goblins today and then getting started on them. Kevin gifted me some lovely were-bears to fill out the ranks of the monsters.

Sadly the last few knights included one final paint stick of these lancers (which are awful sculpts).

Up next: I am going to try a drop-in board-game meet-up on Tuesday at the new boardgame cafe on 124th street. Likely also more Battlelore and maybe a slight diversion into some 1/76 Matchbox WW2 (thanks Terry!).

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