Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sea Kings at club night

We had 12 guys out at the club last night and four games running. I host two games of Sea Kings, which is an abstract viking game. I enjoyed the game (mechanics moved so turns were quick) but the consensus was it likely needed a few more players (we had 3; 4 or 5 would have been ideal). 

Overall, another "meh" offering from Worthington Games. Given that is four mediocre games in a row from them, I'm inclined to take a pass on their future games. At $70 a game, the product just needs to be better.

There was a game of Battletech (I think). Dave also hosted three games of Memoir, with the Japanese putting a beating on the US.

And there was a fantasy Dungeon-crawl game that I didn't get to look to closely at.

Up next: Hopefully the last of the Star Wars guys this weekend then onto some HO-scale buildings.


Scott M said...

The 'mech game was Robotech. The fantasy dungeon crawl game I believe was a demo of Warmahordes.

Bob Barnetson said...