Saturday, November 28, 2015

Longstreet in 15mm

Bruce hosted the sixth (?) game of our ACW Longstreet campaign on Tuesday. The south was tasked with defending a railway embankment and protecting its brass band from the Yankee horde.

This very much felt like an ACW scenario. Bruce did his best to screw up the sight lines with terrain placement but I managed to get space to deploy my cannon (firing to the left of the corn field). The rest of my force was deployed to cover the flanks with a unit in reserve.

The centre was a pointless cannon duel, except Bruce lost a whole battery due to some lucky dice. His main thrust was against the right flank of the southern forces.

I did my best to thwart him with card play and slow him up so my reserves could arrive. I also swung one of my units out to create a kill zone (the only troop movement of the day for the south). At this point, Bruce had burned a lot of cards and then he ran into a streak of bad luck with the dice.

His first attack bounced, I sniped some some and then his second attack bounced. He had the right strategy but the cards and dice thwarted him. I felt kind of bad to see see the flower of Yankee youth dying in such numbers.

Eventually he made a move on the southern left, which also went poorly. To his credit, he clogged up the reserve pathway with bad terrain (jerk!). He eventually knocked the southerners off the rail embankment but then got hit with a cross fire and lost units. Out of cards, he conceded.

It had been awhile since the south won a battle and there was much rejoicing and marrying of cousins. I think the south lost two bases? This should help as the campaign mechanics are now really favouring the north (next battle is in the summer of 1864).


Preacher by day said...

Much rejoicing and marrying of it!

Phil said...

Nicely done sir!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. It was a rare win for the south!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. Just happy not to lose for a change!